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installation of ecu assembly line for automotive engine is in full swing

news | 2018-07-24 04:49 author:admin
          in the midsummer season, there are many hot summers. continuous hot weather has not affected the mood of our company's front-line personnel. in our company's workshop, we can see their busy and orderly figure. they are assembling ecu assembly line for our company's customers.

        diligent and energetic work is the normal work of our front-line staff. in the assembly process, from equipment drawings to machine assembly, they do not let go of every detail. every careful debugging is to strictly control the quality and ensure the quality of the machines delivered to customers.

       the quality of a product is directly related to the reputation of the enterprise. in today's fierce market competition, the quality level of the product not only reflects the quality requirements of the enterprise, but also the collection of corporate culture and the external performance of the quality of the enterprise. professional, dedicated, efficient and responsible is our company's continuous pursuit of the goal of all personnel. under the new normal economic situation, hols continuously improves the key quality indicators by using the management concept of lean production in order to pursue better product quality and create greater value for our customers and society.