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application of led light source for machine vision speciality

news | 2018-04-28 04:48 author:admin
a complete machine vision system includes lighting system, lens, camera system and image processing system. for each application, we need to consider the speed of the system and image processing speed, the use of color or black-and-white cameras, the size of the detection target, or the defect of the detection target, the size of the field of view, the resolution and the contrast.
visual light source is an indispensable part of machine vision system. its selection directly affects the quality of input data and application effect. because there is no universal machine vision lighting equipment, for each specific application example, the appropriate lighting device should be selected to achieve the best application effect. in general applications, led machine vision light source is preferred.
the special led light source for machine vision has the advantages of adjustable brightness, low temperature, balance, no flicker, no shadow, uniform brightness, color temperature and long service life. it fully demonstrates the concept of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving. it has been widely used in various industries.
following is a brief introduction to the application of various types of special led light source for machine vision.
i. machine vision led light source ring lamp series
1. detecting printed characters on ic chips
2. detection of parts on printed circuit board
3. detection of stains on plastic cover
4. detection label
2. machine vision led light source bar lamp series
1. testing connectors for resin products
2. detection of packing damage of film and paper
3. lcd damage detection and location mark detection
4. breakage detection of expansion film, extension film and shielding belt
5. inspection of damage of laminated structure
6. inspection of lcd parts
3. machine vision led dome light source series
1. smooth, uniform, diffuse side lighting can be used to detect reflective and uneven surfaces.
2. detecting printed characters on ic chips
3. detection of circuit board components
4. wafer external detection (backlight)
5. welding inspection
6. testing rubber products
7. sealing mark detection, packaging bag
8. check the dirt inside and bottom of the seal
iv. coaxial light source series of machine vision led light source
1. uniform illumination reflective (mirror) interface
2. scratch inspection of smooth surface such as metal and glass
3. deterioration detection of chips and silicon wafers
4. detection of surface damage of glass plate
5. testing the atlas of pc motherboard
v. machine vision led light source backlight series
1. contour detection
2. external detection of electronic components
3. detection of stains on transparent films, etc.
4. sop and csp detection
5. examination of lcd text
6. measure the size and shape of small electronic components and qfp, sop
7. check the appearance and dimensions of bearings
8. check the appearance and size of semiconductor lead frame