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the 2019 munich exhibition is the perfect ending!

news | 2019-03-25 09:46 author:admin
        in shanghai in march, spring blossoms. the three-day 2019 munich electronics exhibition (electronica china) ended in a remarkable public eye.hols (suzhou) automation  co., ltd. is engaged in the exhibition. the on-site rich physical display, luxurious technical talent lineup, and diverse customer interaction forms have attracted technical engineers from all over the country to stop, consult and experience at the booth. let's review the wonderful moments of booth 1236 in hall w1!


technician on-site explanation screen

foreign friends on-site consultation

       in this way, the short three days ended in intense and intense consultation and communication. we regret that the three-day meeting time was too short, but at the exhibition we met too many new friends in the automotive electronics industry, thanks to the locals. the technical engineers who came to the scene to observe and discuss, also thanked the old friends who supported and trusted and benefited all the time. in the new year, they will live up to expectations and provide the best quality equipment, the most advanced technology and the most perfect. service.
       let us meet the 2020 munich exhibition together, we will not see it!