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1. the automatic vacuum double-liquid glue filling equipment is designed for the glue filling process of completely removing bubbles. putting the product under vacuum environment is the necessary condition for reaching the bubble-free filling.
2. the vacuum chamber is designed as an independent and complete unit. it is combined with the “material pretreatment and conveying unit” to show the flexibility and flexibility of the configuration. it is especially important to realize the flexible configuration of the pipeline.
3. use tempered glass and alec sheet to synthesize the window, and seal the joint at the interface to ensure the vacuum degree and monitor the filling process in real time. moreover, the vacuum value can be displayed and detected in real time, thereby eliminating the possibility of any bubble generation and the influence of moisture or the external environment, achieving high-quality glue filling from beginning to end.
4. the vacuum chamber is equipped with a two-axis motion platform (the z-axis system can be installed according to the glue filling process). multiple workpieces can be loaded at one time, and the glue filling program can be programmed through the touch screen to realize automatic glue filling. the double-layer linear slide rail and high-precision balance device make the equipment positioning accurate, high precision and small motion error.
5. the multi-station high-precision piston pump metering system is adopted with high precision and high speed. the glue is only mixed in the mixing tube for easy cleaning. do not remove the mixing system for a long time, soak it in the cleaning solution or directly clean it.
6. the a and b tanks are equipped with a liquid level alarm system, which can prevent the glue breakage in time. the glue injection port is introduced at the top of the vacuum chamber.
applicable industry:
high-pressure package, automotive electronic potting, auto parts potting, control system filling, motor potting, module filling, sensor filling, coil filling.