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the two-liquid glue filling machine consists of two storage tanks for two glue pumps. after mixing and mixing, there is an essential difference between the type of glue filling machine and the ordinary glue filling machine. use the pump body pressure to control the glue. the unit features automatic configuration and automatic adjustment. the double-filler is a potting machine developed for the treatment of two-component glue, quantitative dispensing of multi-component fluids, and ab glue. this type of glue filling machine also has a static mixing valve, which is a two-liquid filling machine with a large discharge volume!
in the research of the glue filling machine, the characteristics of the vacuum glue filling machine are: positioning accuracy, high precision, small error, and other three characteristics. these three characteristics are that the vacuum glue filling machine is the first in the same type of glue filling machine. an important feature.
the vacuum glue filling machine has a powerful electronic control system, which is itself imported wiring, anti-static system, dustproof, original motor, electronic accessories are national standard design, in line with the requirements of enterprises.
the glue filling machine adopts two types of gear pump and plunger pump. the plunger pump itself has a lower demand for glue and plays a role in many applications. compared with gear pumps, piston pumps have a long life and vacuum potting machines are developed with their advantages. in addition, the use of two cylinders ensures the continuity of the glue. the vacuum glue filling machine can be statically sealed, which greatly improves the service life, saves costs and guarantees product quality.