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gluing machine cleaning matters:
1. please acknowledge the glue cleaner with the glue supplier.
2. close the bottom valve of the ab drum.
3. the operating equipment is glued out, and the glue remaining in the rubber valve, high-pressure teflon tube and ab pump is played out. it can be investigated to change the glue amount of the rubber valve outlet, and it is judged that the internal glue has been drained.
4. close the total power of the equipment.
5. disassemble the hose at the bottom of the drum, open the valve, and drain the remaining glue from the drum.
6. close the bottom valve of the tank, pour a proper amount of detergent into the drum, and thoroughly clean the remaining glue on the wall of the barrel and the bottom of the barrel.
7. open the bottom valve of the bucket to discharge the sewage. there is no residue in the bucket.
8. remove the ab pump and clean the internal glue of the pump (this must be handled by the disassembly pump operator).
9. put the clean ab pump back in place and connect it from the bucket hose.
10. replace the high pressure teflon tube.
11. pour in new glue.
12. open the device and click on the glue for 3~5 minutes to confirm that the glue is normal.
13. dispense the ab glue ratio from the beginning. according to the above process, all the machines are clean and clean, and then changing the glue to fill the glue is usually no quality problem.