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1. weigh the glue that flows out of the first time with the electronic scale every day, and compare the set values.
2. when the a/b barrel is glued, the supervisor is required to be present. avoid adding wrong glue.
3. the storage tank and pipe must be sealed.
4. regularly add grease to gears and static heads. the gears are refueled at least once a week.
5. clean the filter once a week.
6. silica gel desiccant, after it is completely white, it is baked in a 120 degree oven for 2 hours, and the color is turned to blue and then recycled.
7. the glue filling machine has heating function. it is used when the temperature is low in winter. the temperature is generally set at 25 °c - 30 °c. the stirring function should be activated at the same time during heating.
8. if an abnormality occurs in the machine during use, immediately turn off the power of the main unit and report to the equipment department for maintenance.