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1. four criteria:
small point - small needle, low pressure, short time
large point - large needle, large pressure, long time
thick glue - oblique needle, large pressure, set time according to need
aqueous liquid - small needle, less pressure, set time as needed

2. specially required fluids are required:
(1) instant glue: for the water-based instant glue, use the safety piston and teflon lined metal needle. for the thick instant glue, use the tapered oblique needle. if it is flexible, use the pp needle.
(2) uv glue: use amber syringe, white piston and oblique needle (to cover uv) if you use other types of needles, please order our uv-shielded needles.
(3) light-curing adhesive: use black opaque syringe, white piston, uv-shielding needle.
(4) anaerobic adhesive: 10cc syringe and white pe universal piston are used.
(5) sealant and paste fluid: if the white piston rebounds severely, please use the safe type and use the inclined needle.